A modern studio with a timeless soul.

Nathan founded Bandrika in 2018, bent on a lifelong mission to create a studio that embraces the warmth, romance and heritage of Hollywood’s Golden Age while featuring the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in recording today.


Taking its name from the fictitious country in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Lady Vanishes, Bandrika was conceived as a creative oasis where musicians and composers could find all new levels of inspiration. Nathan wanted every square inch to meet the highest acoustic standards, so it was built strictly to the most innovative engineering practices of today and then filled with world-class musical equipment and instruments. Requiring over 4 painstaking years to complete, Bandrika is the result of obsessive attention to detail.

In its short history, Bandrika has proudly welcomed scores of top composers, musicians, and engineers through its doors, and we look forward to many more helping to uphold the grand tradition of recording live music in Los Angeles.

"The best room of its size in the world to record in right now"

Peter Cobbin, Film score mixer/producer
The Lord Of The Rings, Knives Out, The Batman