Over a 20-plus year career in Hollywood, Emmy-winning composer Nathan Barr has become known for his unique, organic, and versatile approach to scoring film and television projects. His background as a multi-instrumentalist and fascination with unique musical instruments inspire his compositions, lending to each of his projects a distinct and evocative palette.

Nathan’s adaptability and inclination to think outside the box have led him to score an impressively diverse roster of film and television projects, such as The Americans, starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, HBO’s True Blood, and most recently Hulu’s The Great, Netflix’s The Diplomat, and The Beane Bubble on Apple TV Plus. In 2020, Nathan won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title for his work on Ryan Murphy’s hit Netflix series Hollywood. He has been nominated an additional 5 for other work throughout his career.

For a comprehensive list of Nathan’s credits, visit his IMDB page.

Nathan is also known for his collection and use of rare instruments from around the world, all of which are housed at his studio, Bandrika, and kept in working condition for use on every project.

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